1.Curriculum Instruction

Our Master programme focuses on both theory and practice of public administration and management. Our institute aim at cultivating comprehensive ability of government and non-profit organization management. Master students from our institute will be capable with ability of analysing and solving issue, and ability of resource integration, coordination and communication. We elevate the practical abilities which graduated students are required in workplace via individual case and problem-oriented teaching approach which gives attention to both theory and practice as well as strategic cooperation with international research institute, domestic government, and non-profit organizations.

Our professional curriculum comprises three main fields which are Public Administration and Policy field, the Legal field, and Politics field. Graduation credits of our institute are 33 in total (credits for thesis are extra) including 9 from compulsory courses, and 24 from elective courses. In the future, the vision of the school, college, and department will continue to be implemented. Taking Public Administration as the main module, with multivariate and issue-oriented teaching approach, our version is to cultivate comprehensive abilities of public administration and continue to flourish as a major institute for research on public administration.

2.List of Compulsory and Elective Courses

2016 Academy Year

2017 Academy Year

2018 Academy Year

       2019_Academy Year

3.Procedure of Obtaining Master’s Degree

Procedure chart (Please read the procedure of obtaining master’s degree carefully.)

Step 1:letter of consent from thesis advisor

Step 2:Hold a thesis writing seminar

Step 3:Report the topic of thesis to the school (at http://w4.emis.tku.edu.tw/thesisstu/ )

Step 4:Apply for thesis defense to the school

Step 5:Take the thesis defense

Step 6:Thesis completion sheet (MPP)

Step 7:Inquire for clearance procedures for graduates (at http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/tkuGrd/ )

4.Other Information

  1. Reference of Thesis Format
  2. Regulations of academic activities for master students (approved in the first departmental affairs council on September 9, 2014)
  3. Directions and application chart of academic research scholarship
  4. Regulations and application chart of thesis scholarship