1.Curriculum Instruction

The basic structure of our curriculum is designated for students to understand theory and practice of public administration and public management. Taking Public Administration as the main module, social science research methods including quantitative and qualitative research, critical thinking, and introduction of statistics serve as foundation courses for our core curriculum.

Curriculum of our Bachelor’s degree programme focuses on the interconnection of interdisciplinary studies and research. Our professional curriculum comprises three main fields which are Public Administration and Policy field (i.e. Public Administration, Organization Theory and Behavior, Public Policy, and Public Human Resource Management), the Legal field (i.e. Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Introductory Civil Law) and Politics field (i.e. Introduction to Political Science, Comparative Government, and Political Party and Election, Media Politics).

Graduation credits of our department are 128 in total including 87 compulsory credits (in which 26 credits are for general courses), minimum of 19 credits from our elective courses, and 22 credits from other elective courses. With multivariate and issue-oriented teaching approach, our version is to cultivate comprehensive abilities of public administration and management and continue to flourish as a major institute for research on public administration and management.

2.List of Compulsory and Elective Courses and Curriculum Mapping

(1) List of Compulsory Course

2015 Academy Year

2016_Academy Year

2017_Academy Year

2018_Academy Year

2019_Academy Year

(2) Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping (2017_Academy Year)

Curriculum Mapping (2018_Academy Year)

Curriculum Mapping (2019_Academy Year)

3.Regulations of selecting Courses

In case of the first date and time for selecting course or adding and dropping course, the notice of Office of Academic Affairs shall prevail.

Online Courses Selecting: http://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/elecos/

Regulations of Selecting Courses: http://esquery.tku.edu.tw/acad/

4.Other Regulations of Course and Charts

(1)Related charts can be downloaded at the website of Office of Academic Affairs:

Curriculum Division –> Download the chart: Curriculum Division–>Download the chart

Registry Division –>Download the chart: Registry Division –> Download the chart

(2)List of Compulsory courses for bachelor’s minor

(3)List of subjects unacknowledged as graduation credits by our department